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Out of Many, One Tote Bag (Black/White)

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E pluribus unum

"The Statue of Liberty was not built to welcome just 1,886 immigrants from Italy on one certain Sunday in, say, 1886.

No! She was built to welcome 3,000 immigrants from Poland the next day. 

The next day, 5,000 Norwegians.

After that, 10,000 Glaswegians.

Then Cambodians. Then Estonians. Somalis. Nepalis. Syrians. Liberians.

It never ends. It cannot end." -Her Right Foot, Dave Eggers

This zippered tote bag comes in a solid white body color with sides, bottom and carrying straps in black. The side pocket offers easy accessible storage for your accessories and valuables, while storing your groceries, books, documents or entertainment in the main zippered compartment.


17"W x 14"H x 4"D

23" Handles

Design by Melsa Davey of Blot & Ink

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