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Man Up Long Sleeved Hooded Tee

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"So, what is it about the phrase "man up" that is so damaging?

The phrase itself is not particularly detrimental to man's self-esteem and confidence. Instead, it is the connotations of hyper-masculinity that unavoidably accompany it. Say "man" and the first thoughts you'll conjure up will be of action heroes – muscle-bound, tall, handsome stock characters with a fondness for fighting and a way with women. This stereotypical "box", as Siebel Newsom describes it, flashes into every man's mind when they are instructed to "man up". And even if we are just slightly outside of this box, insecurities begin to manifest themselves.

Such a feeling of insecurity and shame causes men to curl in on ourselves, contorting our personalities until we can squeeze ourselves into the box, the stereotype. In our vain pursuit of this hyper-masculine ideal, we effectively disconnect from who we really are.

From childhood, the media shows us what men should be. By the age of five or six we are conditioned to believe that it is not acceptable to cry. And throughout the unforgiving battlefield that is youth, we desperately fight to establish a respected, 'manly' place in a string of dominant and unjust playground hierarchies. At these young ages, we're taught the crucially misguided associations that 'being a man' is synonymous with power, wealth and athletic prowess.

These phrases, uttered by parents, coaches and colleagues throughout our lives, grab us when we try to escape the 'man box' and throw us right back in. Generations of men have grown up suppressing their emotions, and their lives suffer as a result. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling can be seen at a much higher percentage in men than women; possibly because the macho-psyche has to resort to substance abuse and overcompensation to truly express himself.

Society's confusing rules about which emotions are acceptable for men to display are established in our youths, but make no mistake: the problem pervades all ages. Emotional sensitivity is rigorously socialised out of young boys, and never allowed to sneak back in."

Design by Shay Cochran of Salty Paper



All shirts are hand printed on cotton Kavio hooded tees. These tees are soft and fit true to size. They are cozy, comfortable and your child will love cuddling up with their new favorite shirt on. Please note since all t-shirts are made just for you, graphic placement may vary slightly.

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