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What in the heck is a Wire and Honey?

By Sarah Adams Permalink


What in the world is Wire and Honey? What does it MEAN?! We get that question a lot. A lot, a lot. And while I absolutely LOVE hearing people's guesses of the origin of our name I think it's time to give a little back story of our brand. 


I am going to be honest, coming up with a name for our brand was painstaking. We literally spent more time brainstorming possible names for our brand then we spent brainstorming names for our child. My name is Sarah, but my husband and close friends call me Rah, so that was our original line of thought. I was a history teacher prior to Wire and Honey, and I love world history, so we originally wanted to name our brand something that incorporated the Eye of Ra (the symbol of the Egyptian sky god). Fun fact: Steve has a tattoo of the Eye of Ra on his arm for me! It seemed like the obvious direction to head in but, no matter how many ideas we threw out, none of them seemed to fit. We just couldn't find the one. 



That's when I started to think more big picture. This brand isn't about me. It is about so much more than me. I wanted to use our brand as an outlet to take a stand against social issues that are important to us. To give children a voice. And that's when it hit me, most of the inspiration for the social issues that are important to us come from experiences we have seen and heard around our city. Baltimore is a gritty, gritty city. It has it's share of poverty, crime, racism, and inequality. Despite all of that, we love it here. We absolutely love our city and the people, culture, and quirkiness that makes it so speccial. Since Baltimore has provided us with so much inspiration, both good and bad, we found it only fitting to name our brand after the city that holds our hearts. 

To outsiders, Baltimore is best known for three things: crabs, The Wire, and Baltimore Hons. I didn't really want people to think of crabs when they thought of our clothing so I decided to focus on the latter.


The Wire: Without fail, whenever anyone hears that we live in Baltimore you can tell that they are internally clutching their pearls. You live in Baltimore?! I've seen The Wire. Is it REALLY like that?! That short answer is yes..and no. If you aren't familiar with The Wire it was a long running HBO show that focused on a variety of political and social themes around the city--primarily the illegal drug trade. Viewers were able to get a glimpse (realistic, although fictional) into some of the gangs, drugs, crime, and murder that exists in inner city Baltimore. In reality, Baltimore has one of the highest murder rates in the country. That being said, I have never felt anything but safe here. The crime and drug trade is a result of institutional racism, poverty, and other social issues that need to be addressed. Most of the crime is drug on drug--not on random citizens. The Wire represents the aspects of the city we hope to change. The issues we advocate for. The issues that matter. 


Hons: Baltimore is so much more than drugs and crime. We have an art and cultural scene that is unparalleled. It is quirky and fun and unlike any other city in the country. If you have ever seen a John Waters film (Cry Baby, Hairspray, Pink Flamingos) you have an idea of what I am talking about. Our hons originated in the 50s-70s when women were often seen in loud, oboxiously bright outfits, beehive hairdos, and brightly colored cat eye glasses. The name "hon" originated from a parody of the Baltimore accent and is a shortened version of the word "honey." Still, to this day, you will find many Baltimoreans referring to you as hon. We love our hons so much, in fact, that we have an annual HonFest where everyone dresses up. 

There you go! You now have a very brief overview of Baltimore and the meaning of Wire and Honey. If you have a business, how did you come up with YOUR biz name? 


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