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Top 10: Reasons My Child is Crying

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Oh, the joys of being a mom. Particularly, a toddler mom. They are about as rational as Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Sorry, I had to go there. My kid has had some epic crying fits over the most random of things. Here are my top 10 reasons Brady was crying recently.

1. I was not properly pretend eating pretend cake. 

2. I would not take him to the airport despite the fact that he packed his suitcase.

3. The baker at the grocery store offered him a free cookie.

4. We are not Amish. 

5. I wore shoes while excercising.

6. The grass isn't as delicious as the dogs led him to believe. 

7. I tried to give him a taste of chocolate syrup.

8. Pinocchio turned in to a real boy.

9. He got new rain boots. 

10. He doesn't want to have to get married to have a baby. (5 minutes later) He changed his aforementioned stance on marriage but can't get married tomorrow. 

What are some funny reasons that your child has cried lately?!


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