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Top 10: Nursery Decor Must Haves

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Small shops aren't just for clothing! I wish I would have known the joys of shopping small when I was planning Brady's nursery. Luckily, it is time to start decorating his big boy room and it will be stocked full of amazing handmade items like the ones listed below. 

1. Vinyl Wall Decals from Urbanwalls





I just bought these triangle decals from Urbanwalls for Brady's room and I am so excited to put them up! I love that they are a little more modern and fun than the traditional statement wall. Urbanwalls has a ton of different shapes and colors to choose from. The best part? They can be easily removed without damaging your paint! I love the flexibility it gives to change things around when Brady gets a little older and has more of an opinion on how he wants his room decorated. 


2. Don't Send Little Boys to Bed Pillowcase from Root Avenue





Truer words have never been spoken. Brady is likely our only child so each day he grows older simutaneously excites me and makes me die a little bit inside. I look forward to each new milestone and watching him grow and learn but I would give just about anything for the ability to freeze time for a while and keep him little. 


3. Unicorn Tails from Bearsley + Bumski





I am a sucker for unicorn tails over a crib or bed. I bought an awesome black and white set from B + B to hang over Brady's  bed but there are so many gorgeous color combinations to choose from if you aren't into the monochrome trend like I am. 


4. Nursery Art from Lavender and Lace Co





Every nursery needs good wall art. I am a huge fan of the designs over at Lavender and Lace Co. All prints can be cutsomized to fit the color scheme of your nursery, too! 


5. Finkie Futon from Finkie Futon 





These are the coolest things EVER. Brady has a shit ton (that is an official unit of measurement) of stuffed animals and it seems like everytime we manage to purge one then three more take its place. Finkie Futon is a kid lounger that you stuff with your child's stuffed animals. Freaking genius, right?! We bought Brady a loft bed and plan on purchasing one of these to create a reading nook underneath. 


6. Door Silencer from Finch Designs





We've all been there. We FINALLY get the baby to sleep, we manage to maneuver our way around every toy on the floor with the grace of a ballet dancer, we spend what amounts to 34 minutes slooooooowwwwlllllyyyy lowering the baby into the crib, we spend another 27 minutes before we work up the nerve to gently roll the baby off our arms, we escape the room with the swiftness of a freaking ninja who has memorized the exact placement of every creaky floorbed in the room, we make out of the room, we exhale, we shut the door and ::click::. The freaking click of the door wakes the beast and the wrath of the sleepy, screaming child falls upon you. Want to avoid that moment? Invest in a door silencer. Thank me later. 


7. Colorful Bedding from Lookie Loo Loo





Lookie Loo Loo is THE place to go for bright, cheery, colorful bedding. You cannot look at this bedding without smiling. I'm fairly convinced that it would be impossible for a child to even tantrum when they are literally surrounded by sunshine and rainbows. 


8. Play Tent from AshleyGabby Designs





I am going to be honest here. I bought Brady a play tent from Pottery Barn long before I knew the wonders of shopping small. He loves it. However, it was a lot more expensive than AshleyGabby Designs and there were only 3 design options to choose from. If you want more variety, want a custom tent to match your decor, or just want to support a mom instead of a big corporation, this is the place to look!


9. Rag Quilt from Hush Little Bebe Designs





I kind of feel like a quilt is the quintessential piece that every nurse needs. I never bought one for Brady because all the ones I found were a little too traditional for my taste. That is what I love about Hush Little Bebe Designs. They have the sweet, whimsical quilts that most people drool over and quilts with a modern edge for those with a taste like mine. This one is my absolute favorite. 


 Mobile from Trae Designs





Mobiles don't have to be covered in animals and licensed characters. I am obsessed with simple, modern designs like this one from Trae Designs. Add a splash of color, a splash of whimsy, and a ton of style to your nursery with a well placed mobile. 


Where are your favorite shops to find nursery decor?







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