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Top 10: Fourth of July Must Haves for Adults

By Sarah Adams Permalink

The 4th of July is quickly approaching. Call me a cornball, but I love a good theme outfit. So much so, in fact, that I decided to make this week's Top 10 completely dedicated to a 4th of July theme. Check out a few of my fave patriotic items from around the interwebs!

1. Liberty Kimono from Bask Designs



Trust me when I say this kimono from Bask Designs is EVERYTHING. It is easily my favorite 4th of July item that I have ever purchased. Last year we traveled to Florida on the fourth and I had so many people stop me to ask where my kimono was from. It's gorgeous and somewhat obnoxious, which is basically the perfect combination for a holiday theme outfit. 

2. Trucker Hat from 2 Legged Mermaid



Few things scream 'Merica like a trucker hat. Nothing screams 'Merica like a 'Merica trucker hat. Am I right? This one is particularly bad ass. And the chick behind the shop is quite possibly the coolest mom I know. It's a win/win in my book. 

3. American Flag Turban from Diva Head Wraps



Not the trucker hat type but still want to adorn those beautiful tresses with some good 'ol patriotic goodness? I got you girl! The American flag turban from Diva Wraps is perfect for those who like to be a little more understated when taking in the fireworks. And these come in sizes from infant through adult for those who want to #twin with their little one. 

4. Proud to be American Made Tank by Hazzard Lane Clothing


I love a good tank. I don't know what it's like where you live but it is hot as balls here in July. And humid. And gross. So tanks tend to be my 4th of July clothing of choice to keep cool whilst I eat crabs and drink a few cold ones. 

5. Red, White, and Brew Tank from Little Hooligans Co



Speaking of cold ones, I am kind of obsessed with this Red, White, and Brew tank from Little Hooligans Co. It's not a 4th of July cookout around here without a few 6 packs of our favorite beers. Don't judge us. 

6. American Made Tank from Beck Co. 



Nothing like a little stars and stripes to ring in your freedom. I envision myself prancing around gleefully to Tom Petty's American Girl whilst wearing this tank. You're welcome for that mental image. 

7. American Flag Dress from SonOfaB Designs



Are you more of a sundress type of gal? They're cool, they're effortlessly chic. What's not to love? Add the fact that is handmade by a hardworking mama who is literally trying to achieve the American dream, priceless. 

8.  4th of July Banner from Prettiest Little Shop



I like to go all out when I have people over. I'm a sucker for the details and I absolutely adore these banners from Prettiest Little Shop. They go perfectly over the main food table! 

9. Red, White, and Boozed Cups from The Golden Heart Boutique



I feel like there has been an unintentional beer theme in the post. I swear I am not a lush. I do, however, like to cut loose every now and then. And, if I'm being honest, we aren't the classiest of people. I enjoy a good game of beer pong every now and then. Maybe it's just me wanting to relive my youth. Or, maybe it's just fun. Do you know what makes it more fun? Themed cups. I told you I love a good theme.

 Red, White, and Blue Hair Ties from Happy Little Fin


Last, but certainly not least, a little something for my friends who prefer to be more subtle in their patriotism. This leather hair ties are the perfect accessory to set off your outfit. Cute enough to be worn as a bracelet and super functional for when that muggy July heat kicks in. Best part? Because these are so subtle they can be used to accessorize all year long!

Do you like to dress up for the holidays? I'd love to see some of your fun outfits! 






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