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Top 10: Baby Shower Gifts

By Sarah Adams Permalink

The first rule of baby showers is to always stick to the registry. Always. However, if it is someone I really care about, I always throw in a beautiful handmade item or two as well. Registries at big box stores are great for the core necessities but a little handmade luxury is always a welcome surprise. Not sure where to look? Check out some of my favorite go-to items!


1. Hand Dyed Swaddle from Lost Boy Goods



I mean, swaddles are technically a necessity, right? If you have to buy swaddles why not buy a beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind bamboo muslin swaddle for a one-of-a-kind baby? I may have just bought one of these for my three-year-old because, well, it's really pretty.


2. NursElet from NursElet  



I soooo wish this handy little invention was around when I was nursing.The NursElet is a amazing little device that you can use to hold your shirt up for hands free breastfeeding. Then, when you are done, you wear it as a bracelet as a reminder of what side you nursed on last. So simple yet so brilliant!


3. Slumber Sloth from Spoon and Moon



I am kind of obsessed with sloths. I may or may not have a giant painting of a sloth eating spaghetti in my kitchen. So, I love to spread my sloth love unto others. These supersoft lovies also come with a nighttime rhyme that parents can use as part of a bedtime tradition. So cute!


 4. Milestone Blankets from Batz Kids



Because we all know new moms like to take a million photos! These blankets come in monthly milestones, holiday milestones, growth milestones, and baby's first milestones. 


5. Pie Pops from Hello SweetiePies



I'm sure this one has you scratching your head a bit. Why not buy a little treat for the mom-to-be, too? After all, she is the one incubating a tiny human! When I was pregnant with B I craved sweets like whoa. I'm sure my husband would have killed to have a stack of these babies around the house so he didn't have to run out at 3am to fulfill a craving. These are a great treat for those marathon nursing sessions, too!


6. Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars from Sweet Things Bath Co



Everyone knows the third trimester feels more like 3 years than 3 months. You're big. You're sore. You're tired. Why not treat her to a relaxing, luxurious bath filled with bubbles and esssential oils. 


7. Diaper Bag from Charlotte and Asher



I am obsesssed with this bag. I'm not a fan of traditional diaper bags and really prefer if my bag looks more like a purse. This bag is just that--the perfect blend of style and function. I am also a HUGE fan of their give back business model because they donate vaccinations to children in need with every purchase. 


8. Nursing Scarf from Finch Designs



Let me preface this by saying that I support feeding your baby. I don't care if you breast feed or bottle feed or use formula or donor milk or a combination of all of the above. If you are feeding your baby then you are a freaking rockstar mama and don't let anyone tell you any different. So, I would never buy a breastfeeding accessory unless I knew the person well and knew that she planned on trying to breastfeed. I'd also like to say that I fully support breastfeeding without a cover. It's natural, it's beautiful. However, not everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding without a cover and that's okay, too! I know I hated lugging around a cover when I was breastfeeding because it was another thing I had to fit in my bag. These scarves are a brilliant alternative. You can wear them as a decorative scarf and then use them as a cover when it's time to nurse. Again, style and function = win, win. 


9. Silicone Teething Necklace from Baybee Boutique


Teething necklaces are exactly what they sound like, necklaces that moms can wear and that their babies can chew on while teething. There are few things in life that teething babies love more than something to gnaw on. They also provide a little something for babies to pull on while they nurse, are being held, or worn. I prefer styles like the one above because they are chic and simple and don't scream "baby" to me. I love being able to hold on to my own sense of style while also being a mom.


10. Mombie Travel Mug from Still Rad



Because, let's face it, when you are a new mom caffeine is your main food group. This mug is microwave safe for the 75936702745063 times you will need to heat up your coffee each day, dishwasher safe because you don't have time to brush your teeth--let alone handwash dishes, and convenient for the days you actual put yourself together and make it out of the house. 


What are some of your go-to baby shower gifts? I'd love to add some more small shops to my rotation!



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