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Stand Against Stereotypes: Islamophobia

By Sarah Adams Permalink

We started our #kidsforchange line as a way to open up the lines of communication about topics that may be difficult to discuss with our children. We have heard our share of criticism that we should just let kids be kids and that we shouldn't concern them with such complex issues as racism, intolerance, and equality. But, the fact of the matter is, these issues ARE the reality for many children. Children in our communities are exposed to bullying and discrimination daily due to all of these factors. We believe that it is our job as parents to teach our children to stand up for what is right and not to stand by idly while their friends (or even strangers!) are being teased and tormented.

One of the issues that has been prevelant in today's society, particularly during our current election, is the stereotyping of Muslims and Islamophobia. So, I asked Dr. Adis Nukic, the husband and father of three members of the Wire and Honey family, to share his thoughts as a Muslim in America. 



In recent times, the Muslim religion has come under scrutiny from the media due to a number of Islamic individuals who have shown disgraceful acts of violence around the world. Because of these acts of violence, many people have started to associate the Muslim community as terrorist.  People have a certain stereotype of what a Muslim individual looks like, what they wear and how they act. What many people do not know is that I am Muslim. My name is Dr. Adis Nukic, the father of two children. I have traveled the world playing professional soccer and I speak 3 languages. People do not associate me as Islamic because of my career and my appearance, therefore I hear the negative thoughts and ideas of Muslims on a daily basis with people I interact with. Although this stereotype is not enjoyable and unfair, I know that it is not going away anytime soon. We, as adults, must teach our children about respect and understanding of different cultures. It is not okay to put the entire Muslim community under the category of terrorist or violent and dangerous people. With better education and an open mind, people can see we are all just the same. All people are born to do good and only a few have chosen to take a different path but that is not a reason to label an entire community as bad. It is important to keep believing that our world is full of amazing individuals, no matter what religion. We all live together and we should all see the good in each person. If you start looking at the positives and forget the stereotypes associated with each individual, you may be surprised that we are much more similar than you may think. 

Words hurt. Stereotypes hurt. There are real people affected by the hateful things that people say. Join us in our campaign to help our childrens' generation to be more loving and tolerant than our own. Our children are in charge of shaping the future.  #kidsforchange


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