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Small Business Spotlight: Little Renegades

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Where are my mommas to beautiful biracial babies (you like that alliteration?!)? You are going to LOVE today's Small Business Spotlight, Little Renegades. Other mamas, don't fret, you are going to love this post, too. Little Renegades' mantra is to abandon society's view on how kids should dress. You know what, I think that is pretty bad ass. 


In addition to encouraging your littles to think outside the box and stay true to their own unique sense of fashion, Little Renegades are quite the philanthropists! They give back 10% of all of their proceeds. The charity they donate to changes each month so they spread the love to all kinds of awesome organizations. They even give their followers the opportunity to suggest charities that are meaningful to them. How amazing is that?!




My absolute favorite tee in Little Renegades entire collection is their I Am Mixed  tee. As a middle school teacher, I saw so many students struggle with their identity and try to determine where they fit in. I absolutely love that Little Renegades is teaching kids to have pride in themselves, and their heritage, from an early age. 




The encouragement isn't limited to children of color, either. Little Renegades wants all children to know that they can be weird and loved. Weird is beautiful. Own it!



Few things in life are cuter than a child with unruly, gorgeous, curly hair. I have hair envy for more than a few toddlers. That's normal, right?!



I am fairly confident that this Fresher than You raglan applies to 99% of our children. I know I am not the only one whose child is impeccably dressed while I look like I just rolled out of bed. 




Finally, a reminder that Tupac cares, just in case you forgot. ;) And because I care, a reminder to follow Little Renegades on Instagram for access to their latest products, sales, giveaways, and promotions. Stay weird, ya'll!


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