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Small Business Spotlight: Amy Cornwell

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I don't always own the products that I blog about. In fact, most of the time I simply blog about products that I like and plan to buy eventually. This week I have the pleasure of spotlighting a company that I have actually purchased from. 




I am not a jewelry person. At all. In fact, the only jewelry I ever wear is my wedding band and that only happens when I leave the house. However, I have always wanted a small trinket to honor Brady. I have scoured Etsy countless times trying to find something that fit my style and always ended up disappointed. That is, until I stumbled upon AmyCornwell.com and saw this gorgeous stackable ring set. This set is exactly what I was looking for. My birthday just passed so I figured this would be the perfect birthday gift. I ordered the set with the silver and rose bands blank and the gold band stamped with Brady's name. 




The bands arrived absurdly fast. The Amy Cornwell website boasts a processing time of 3-8 business days and I had the rings in hand within three days. Impressive. I was elated when I opened the box. These rings are absolutely perfect. They are dainty, which is exactly what I need for my thin fingers. I often feel like stacked rings take up too much of people's hands and end up looking overwhelming. Not the case with these. The band stamped with Brady's name is perfectly understated. I also love that i can wear that band (or any of the others) alone if I don't feel like stacking. Honestly, I am so, so happy with my purchase. (Note: I actually did purchase these rings. I was not given them to write a blog post. This is my honest opinion on the product.)




Even though I am not a big jewelry wearer, Amy Cornwell's jewelry is so simply elegant that there were several other pieces that I would love to eventually incorporate into my (very small) collection. For instance, these bangle bracelets are adorable. You choose your personalization, so they would be perfect for anything from kids' names, wedding dates, a dedication to a spouse/loved one, or your favorite inspirational quote. These look unbelievable stacked. 


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If necklaces are more your style, Amy Cornwell has a large selection of customizable necklaces. These two are my favorites because they are clean and classic. There are quite a few that are more elaborate for those who aren't as boring as I am ;).






I haven't even scratched the surface in showcasing all of the beautiful jewlery available over at AmyCornwell.com. She even has a section full of elegant gifts for the men in your lives. If you have been on the search for simple, gorgeous, and affordable personalized jewelry, look no further. I have found the personalized jewelry mecca with Amy Cornwell. Be sure to follow her Facebook and Instagram for her latest items and promotions, too!


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