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Moms just want to have fun...HAIR!

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I've always had an offbeat style and have never been the type to get the traditional mom cut or to rock the mom bun. I have been dying to try some fantasy colors in my hair but have been super nervous about the upkeep. Let's face it, having kids makes it a little more difficult to get to the salon regularly, let alone as often as it takes to maintain a fantasy color. Fun colors are amazing but they fade FAST. That is why I am so stoked to share this new product I found! Just so you know, I have been in no way compensated to write this review. The company doesn't even know I am writing it. I just love it so much that I wanted to share it in case there are others of you out there who have been itching for some mermaid hair! 

Also, just as a heads up, an alternate title for this post could have been "Sarah's awkward car selfie" post. Sorry about that! 


When I finally decided to take the plunge into fantasy colors, this is what I was working with. I was hoping to be on the more pastel range of the spectrum so my first task was go to lighter. 


This was phase one of my transformation. You have to go pretty light for a pastel color to take. In order to prevent any damage to my hair my stylist wanted to do this over a couple of sessions. I am sooooo thankful that she talked me into being patient because my hair is surprisingly happy and healthy despite all the work we've done to it.


We finally took the plunge to go pink and, while it ended up being a beautiful apricot color, it was much more subtle than I was hoping for. I couldn't really afford to go back for another dye job so I scoured the interwebs for a different solution. That is when I stumbled upon a product called Overtone.  Overtone is a color depositing conditioner, not a dye. It is vegan and cruelty free. It is meant to be used with each wash to keep your fantasy colors from fading. It also gives you the opportunity to create semi-permanent fantasy colors on bleached hair. Which was my plan exactly.


I opted to buy the pastel pink system for my first go. The system includes a daily conditioner (which allows you to wash your hair in hot water without fading--woot!) and a weekly deep conditioner. I read some reviews online that for max color benefits to use the Go Deep treatment on dry hair. So, I enlisted the help of my *very skeptical* friend Christina. She was a good sport despite the fact that she was convinced that we were wasting our time. She used about half the container on my dry hair to ensure it was all saturated. It was probably a bit of overkill but I REALLY wanted it to work. We let it sit for about 30 mins and then I went and rinsed it out. And this is what happened...


It worked! We were both shocked. My hair was the perfect shade of cotton candy pink. I was immediately hooked. Best part? By regularly using the daily conditioner the pink lasted until my next salon appointment. 


I went to a different stylist this time that specialized in fantasy colors and she talked me into trying something even more bold. I loved this magenta color even more than I loved the pastel pink. It brought me to a bit of a conundrum though. I couldn't figure out what color of Overtone to buy. It wasn't quite pink and they don't have a magenta color. So, I emailed. Their customer service was amazing and they talked me through how to achieve a really similar color with a mix of vibrant pink and pastel purple. By the time it came I was in desperate need of a boost. My gorgeous magenta color had faded to this pale pink.


This time I had the hubs play stylist. I think that is a true attestment of this product. He has never in his life attempted to dye hair. He coated my dry hair in 1/4 of the tub of Go Deep conditioner in Vibrant Pink and we let it sit for a half an hour. In the shower I shampooed it out (I desperately needed a shampoo) and applied a coating of the pastel purple daily conditioner. Here was the result!


 I'm pretty damn impressed. While Overtone won't give you the results of a salon professional it is amazing for keeping up with your fantasy color between salon visits. It is also great for those who want to change between fantasy colors pretty often. Check out their blog post on it here

I'm a mom but that doesn't mean I have to give up on my identity and my own personal style. Sure I get a few weird looks at preschool drop off but who cares? It's just hair, it's fun, and I love it. Now, the big question is, what color do I try next?!

I would love to see pictures of your fantasy colors! Show me your mermaid hair! 


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