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Happy Impeachment Gift Guide

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Christmas has come twice this year! While it's pretty safe to say that it won't get past the senate, Trump's impeachment is still a moment in history worth celebrating. Here are some of our favorite gifts to buy for a friend or to treat yourself during this joyous occasion. 

Fall Things from Turner and Pooch

Okay, fall may be officially over in 2 days but that doesn't mean we can't stomp some leaves, drink some hot cocoa, and watch gleefully as Donald Trump becomes only the third president in history to be impeached. 


Stand Against Trump Vinyl Sticker from Wire and Honey

Gone are the carefree days when we put a bird on it (Portlandia fans, anyone?) and now we put our anti-Trump stickers on everything. This also comes in tees, totes, and buttons as well in case you really want to show the world how you feel. 


Fuck Trump Dishcloth from Knotty Bliss Boutique

Hosting a holiday gathering this year? Delight those who help you clean up (or piss them off, depending on your relative) with this lovely little Fuck Trump dishcloth. Not a fan of swearing in front of the kids? That's okay, they have a Dump Trump version, too! 


Impeach the Patriarchy notebook from Get Bullish

25% of the senate is female, and 90% white. Nothing will change until we change it. Time to impeach the patriarchy. 


Obama Finger Puppet from Wire and Honey


Sometimes I think about what might have been. But that was then. And we have taken different roooooaaaadddddsssss. Reminisce about the good ol' days when our President wasn't a racist, homophobic, bigoted, corrupt asshole with this adorable magnet/finger puppet combo by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild and available at Wire and Honey. 


Fuck 45 Morse Code Tee by Turner and Pooch

Need to be a little more discreet in your celebrating? That's okay, Turner and Pooch Co have you covered in this Fuck 45 tee written in Morse Code. 


Trump Mugshot Flour Sack Towel from Naked Mangoes

I love a good flour sack towel. They are one of my favorite ways to infuse my personality into my kitchen decor. And few things make me smile like envisioning Trump behind bars. 


Resist Tote from Wire and Honey


Because sometimes you need some Harry Potter vibes when you're dealing with a real life Voldemort. 


Elect Black Women by Typical Black Tees



 Finally, the Elect Black Women tee/sweatshirt from Typical Black Tees. All jokes aside, removing Trump from office is just the first step. Trump is the symptom, not the disease. We still have a lot of work to do to ensure safety and equity for all Americans and one way to start is to elect more black women to office. 


Happy impeachment, friends! 


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