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Guest Blog Series: The BEST Parenting Advice I Never Asked For

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I’m convinced once you’re pregnant there’s an invisible sign constantly hovering your head; like a dark cloud in neon lights, that says “Give me advice!" Everyone sees it but you. And everyone around you instantly becomes the perfect parent with all the life hacks, tips, and tricks. If I had a penny for all the advice I received while pregnant (and even beyond pregnancy) I’d be a hell of a lot more financially stable then I am and would probably be off vacationing now as I type this.

What is it that drives people to offer so much unsolicited advice? I’ve heard everything from “Don’t breastfeed your baby or she’ll be spoiled and attached” to “Don’t buy any newborn clothes or diapers because babies never fit in them anyway.” Thankfully I’m “hardheaded” and typically don’t listen to any advice I haven’t asked for. I breastfed my child anyway because the health benefits and bond outweighed any chances of her being “spoiled and attached.” I mean she’s definitely attached but what baby isn’t attached to their mom who is providing all of their needs, whether it be from breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Also I made sure to go out and buy my baby newborn clothes and diapers right before her arrival just in case. And who would have known she ended up wearing newborn clothes for over a month?

All of the advice I’ve gotten hasn’t been bad or wrong but there’s been so much advice given that just doesn’t apply to the child I’m raising because what people forget most is one simple fact. The fact that every child is different. My child may have some similarities to yours but there’s no way our children are the same. Which brings me to the best advice I never asked for. It came from a cousin a couple weeks prior to delivering my one and only baby girl. She told me no matter what input I receive from others and how many years of “experience” they have, they still will never have the experience of being a parent to my child. They may be the ideal perfect parent to their child however it’s impossible for them to know what’s best when it comes to my child because Mama knows best. She told me to trust my own instinct, learn my own baby, and although input MAY be helpful at times I will ultimately know what’s best for my OWN baby! And this was honestly the best advice I never asked for! :)


Guest blogger Kiara Dailey


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