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Effective Ways to Raise Frugal Kids with Elise Morgan

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Effective Ways to Raise Frugal Kids

In today’s world of mass media and the consumer machine, raising your kids to become intelligent, responsible and environmentally friendly might seem like a rather challenging task. However, preserving a healthy environment is what we all should be focusing on, as living in peace with the world is not only highly beneficial to us but, most importantly, to our children. Although the process of teaching our children how to become more eco-friendly might seem to be a long journey, it actually can be truly inspiring and a great fun. There are plenty of stimulating and exciting indoor and outdoor activities that both you and your children can take part in and that will eventually help you get your child on the path to greener living. Here are a few useful ways how to make your kids go green.

Recycling is fun

Since recycling can have a huge impact on the entire household, it is crucial to teach our children about earth-friendly recycling practices. Besides engaging children in regular conversations about recycling, you can also try to inspire them to get involved in this green activity by teaching them how to separate the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable containers. If you want to make containers more appealing to children, color them in some vibrant colors or decorate them with images of what should go in each of them. Even better, let the kids do that instead of you. You can also start a competition where your children will compete with one another on who recycles more items in a week.


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Throw a kids’ clothing swap party

Kids grow very fast and they usually outgrow most of their clothes very quickly. Instead of spending a fortune on brand new clothing, you might consider teaching children how to reuse and swap not only their clothes but their toys as well. You can organize an eco-friendly clothing and toy swap party where you would invite other moms and their kids and let the kids enjoy their time while swapping and sharing some of their clothes and getting someone else’s in return. As a mom, you can show your kids how they can swap the clothes they outgrew or got bored with at swap.com, so they don’t have to buy fast fashion. Not only will you save some money, but you will also reuse things instead of throwing them away and, most importantly, you will teach your child about all the advantages of reusing their own things.


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Design a kid-friendly garden

Another way you can stimulate your children to look after their natural environment is to plant a tree or create a small garden in your backyard. Choose some colorful plants that you know your kids will love and encourage them to keep their small garden well-maintained by watering the flowers and digging in dirt. This will make them more responsible and ultimately more environmentally aware.


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Create something out of nothing

Apart from swapping and sharing some old toys, you can get your kids to think about their toys differently and see them as potential projects instead. Besides using their old toys’ parts as recycle material they can make use of virtually anything to create a new toy. Shredded paper, cardboard, tubes, plastic jugs and all items that are easily cut with scissors are more than welcome. By doing so, you are not only saving money, but you are also saving our planet Earth and entertaining your kids simultaneously. With a little bit of imagination, some crayons and cardboard, your child can do wonders, develop their creativity and learn about the effectiveness of recycling.


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Bike every day

Due to the fast pace of modern life, having a car has become a necessity nowadays. However, most of us tend to overuse it, and avoid using any other means of transport. Instead of using a car all the time, hop on your bikes from time to time and as you ride to your destination, talk to your children about all the benefits that bike can bring to them in terms of both a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendliness. Riding a bike is both fun and healthy and your kids will surely adore it.


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