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5 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Each year during the month of March, Women's History Month is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the successes women have already accomplished, as well as all future ones we’re destined to accomplish. There are so many ways you can celebrate on your own, with your family, or as a group; so keep reading if you need a spark of inspiration!


  1. Celebrate with women you look up to

 (I look up to Jessica of Worthy Threads and Kerry of Carrot + Cream and TasteWise Kids so much! Love these ladies.)

Whether it’s your mother, aunt, grandmother, friends, and/or mentor -- celebrating with the women who inspire you the most is a great way to observe Women’s History Month. Go out of your way to spend time with these women; it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either, unless of course you’d like for it to be. You could write a letter to the influential women in your life, schedule time throughout the month to see them, or even throw a little gathering! They will surely be flattered by your thoughtfulness and it’s a great way to honor what the day is all about.


  1. Self-Care

(Self Care Index from Wire and Honey)


Celebrate by treating yourself all day long by recharging and taking care of your needs. Maybe start the day by getting outside for a morning walk and treat yourself to a coffee with no guilt. If you feel you’ve been neglecting your body, try a workout to make you feel strong and healthy. It can be a hike outside, session at the gym, or an at-home workout -- anything that makes you feel good. End the day by tending to your skin and wash off all your makeup before bed. Try incorporating products that keep your skin looking youthful, like an anti-aging cream and vitamin C serum if the winter’s got you feeling dull. Then you can curl up with a drink of your choice and relax. Let this month be a time where you bask in your greatness and take care of yourself.


  1. Volunteer at organizations for women

 (Black Girls Code is one of our favorite nonprofits supporting women!)

Giving back to women in the community is a wonderful way to empower women everywhere. There are so many amazing non-profits that are empowering women to choose from. There’s Shepard’s Hands, which gives female veterans access to counseling, medical care, and job training. Or there’s Girls on the Run, which is an organization that strives to help young girls reach their highest potential and express themselves. Find an organization that you’re passionate about, get your children involved, and spend time adding to their efforts.


  1. Invest in what makes you happy



Whether it be in your career, your parenting goals, or personal goals -- make it a point to start making changes and invest in the things that make you happy. You can start small by writing down a few things you’d like to work towards. From there, begin making these little changes to help get you where you’d like to be. Who knows, by next March, you may have reached your goal!


  1. Learn about inspirational women

 (Malala Yousafzai, Ruby Bridges, Gloria Steinem, and Dorothy Height are some of my favorite sheroes in history.)

A truly respectful way to honor Women’s History Month is by recognizing all of the influential women who have come before us and how their lives have impacted our own. Icons like Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and Malala Yousafzai are just a few examples of some famous women in history. Reading their stories and becoming educated in the struggle it’s taken to get you where you are today will be both inspiring and humbling.



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