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Badass Gifts for Every Galentine in Your Life

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Valentine's Day not your thing? I get it. It's not my thing either. Galentine's Day, however, that is a day I can get behind. Who doesn't love an excuse to ditch the SO and the kids (if you have them) so you can drink wine and laugh with your best girlfriends? I absolutely love to buy my friends gifts so I decided to compile the ultimate Galentine's Day gift guide with a little something for every badass bestie in your life. 

1. Friend Love card from Emily McDowell Studio

Few things are more heartfelt than a handwritten note. I'm generally not a sentimental person but receiving a thoughtful note from a good friend never fails to turn me into a giant pile of mush. Although, while I won't dump you if you start rocking fedoras, as a good friend I will highly advise you against them. Let's not make them a thing again, okay?

2. You Are Enough tee from TBE Apparel

We've all been that single woman on Valentine's Day feeling a little down about herself. Even as someone who doesn't celebrate, seeing all the lovey posts all over social media when I was single was a bit of a punch in the gut. I absolutely love this tee from To Be Enough Apparel because whether it be Valentine's Day, a bad parenting day, or sometimes just a random Tuesday, we all need a reminder that we are enough just as we are. 

3. Mediocre Men Travel Mug from Wire and Honey

It's not a get together with the ladies without a good old fashioned patriarchy smashing. That takes energy. So load up your mug with coffee, or in my case wine, and get to dancing, friends.

4. Becoming by Michelle Obama

This book is literally on the "I need it" list of every girlfriend that I have. I'm not even making that up. Every. Single. One. Michelle Obama is the best friend we all wish we had and since we can't have the real Michelle at our Galentine's table, this book is the next best thing. 


5. We are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Couldn't Burn bracelet by Bodhi Nyx Jewelry

Who doesn't love a statement piece? A beautiful one, at that. While you are celebrating your badass self and friends, it's only right to acknowledge the women who fought like hell to get you where are you are. 

6. Vegan Leather Earrings from Avenue 261 

For the jewelry lover who likes a little more subtlety. Don't let Avenue 261 fool you though. While their earrings themselves may be subtle, their impact is not. Avenue 261 names all of their earrings after women in history who have made an impact with their voice and donate a portion of their monthly profits to nonprofits who fight to give women a voice today. Does anything scream girl power more than that?

7. Smash the Patriarchy Tote from Wire and Honey

Totes are life. So is smashing the patriarchy. So we might as well make our intentions known when visit the grocery store, the beach, the pool, our kid's school, to the mailbox. Pretty much everywhere.

8. Notorious RBG lipstick from Lipslut

I'm not even sure this one needs explaining. RBG + a gorgeous, bold lip = sheer bliss and badassery.

9. The Nasty Woman Game: A Card Game for Every Feminist

Getting together with a big group of girlfriends? Board games are always a hit. This game is essentially Cards Against Humanity with a feminist twist. Get the wine poured and be ready to pee your pants. 


10. Glorious Journal Notebook from Wire and Honey

You. Yes, you. You are glorious. Glorious I tell you. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. What better way than a journal we can carry around in our purses so we can remember how epic we are? 

11. Self Care Index from Free Period Press

This pocket guide is absolutely adorable. Self care is something we all talk about, and we all need, but rarely actually take the time to do. These pocket size indexes are a great way to remind those we love to take some time to love themselves. 

12. Forever Alone candle by Evil Queen 

I can't even use the bathroom alone these days. So the closest I can come is lighting a delicious smelling candle after bedtime and reading a book whilst imagining I am alone on a beach somewhere. So this candle is perfect for both single and married friends alike. 

Now that we have the gifts covered, we want to hear all about your Galentine's Day celebrations! Share some of your favorite traditions with us below.




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