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The Eccentric Owl Presents: One skirt, four seasons

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Hello Wire and Honey readers! I'm Kristina, and I blog vintage and retro fashion over at Eccentric Owl. Today I am sharing another way to stretch your wardrobe, by taking one skirt and styling it for all four seasons of the year! This gorgeous vintage skirt from Cut and Chic vintage has long been one of my favorite skirts. But I find that I often only wear it in spring and summer, and wondered if there was a way to make it last all year long. It turns out, there is! Read ahead to see how I'd style it through every season.

Makeup with Glam on Mom: Top 5 Tools You Need

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Another new monthly series for the blog? Yes, please! I am super embarassed to admit this, but ever since Brady was born I have sort of let myself go. I know this sounds vain but when I don't look good I don't feel good. So, I have made it a point to invest a little more time in myself. My makeup game needs some SERIOUS work so I have enlisted the help of beauty guru and makeup artist Christian Thompson.

DIY Bronzer Tutorial

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I am so excited to share my article with you for this month!! But first I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jade I am twenty-four years old, I am happily married with two children. Gage is two and a half and Daisy just turned one. I live in Idaho but my heart is in Alabama. I am a full time nursing student and I just started my own T-shirt line called Idaho Belle Boutique. I am one busy bee, I know a lot of you mommies are as well. Every month I want to share with you my favorite health and beauty DIY tips and tricks!

Instagram Flat Lay Tutorial

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I've had a few people ask me how to make flat lays on Instagram so I thought I would throw together a quick flat lay tutorial. Please keep in mind that I am the least tech savvy person I know (except for maybe my father) so bear with me. If I am unclear about a certain step please feel free to ask questions. On the plus side, if I figured out how to make flat lays then you can too!

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