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Why I Will Continue to Paint My Son's Nails

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I do not know if their parents are to blame or the cultural they are brought up in. All I know is that as a society we are struggling to accept one another, whether it is based on religious choices, sexual preference, gender identities or political affiliations. We struggle to accept each other as adults because we are taught from such a young age what is “right” and what is “wrong”, what is “normal” and “okay."

Four MUST TRY Lipsticks for fall!

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Our resident beauty expert Kristina from The Eyre Effect (formally Eccentric Owl) is back with four lipsticks you MUST TRY this fall! Lipstick is my favorite way to make myself feel put together even when the rest of me is a hot mess. I can't wait to try these recommendations!

Simple Halloween Ideas for the Little Ones

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Okay, so at the time of this writing it's still a little over two months away. But Halloween will be here before we know it, and for a few weeks leading up to it, the season will be in full swing. It's always a really fun time of year for kids. Even before dressing up and trick-or-treating, there's the costume shopping, pumpkin picking (and carving), and perhaps a few more treats than usual. Throw in the fact that, at least in much of the United States, the weather becomes ideal for playing outside, diving in and out of piles of leaves, etc., and it's just about the perfect season for kids.

Stand Against Bullying: The Comment Section

By Sarah Adams Permalink

What is it about the comment section that makes people feel like they have free reign to act like complete assholes? Seriously. Look at the comments section of any given article, literally any article, and you will find hoards of commenters that make the Joker look about as empathetic as Gandhi. I have made it a point to not let myself even read the comments anymore because I only end up sad, or in a rage, and with every comment I lose a little more of my faith in humanity. I just don't understand it.

Top 10: Reasons My Child is Crying

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Oh, the joys of being a mom. Particularly, a toddler mom. They are about as rational as Donald Trump being a presidential candidate. Sorry, I had to go there. My kid has had some epic crying fits over the most random of things. Here are my top 10 reasons Brady was crying recently.

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