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Wire and Honey hosts the @baltimorelove auction!

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As most of you know, we are a Baltimore based company and we LOVE our city. A few weeks ago, peaceful protests in our city were interrupted by a small number of rioters who turned violent. Although the rioters were small in number the damage caused to local homes, cars, and businesses was severe. One such family, the Lawson family, was a victim of this violence. On April 28th, 2015 rioters set the building adjacent to the Lawson residence on fire which subsequently caught their home on fire. Neighbors were able to get Ms. Lawson and her son out of the home safely but with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Ms. Lawson's son has special needs and his wheelchair was also lost in the fire.

Small Business Spotlight: Loud Waterfall Photography

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I'm kind of pumped to talk about Loud Waterfall Photography, this week's Small Business Spotlight. This may not be the first time you've come across this shop. Maybe you didn't even realize that you've seen them before. If you, like millions of others, watched NBC's parenthood then you have seen this shop in action! They were featured TWICE in the show including the series finale. How awesome is that?!

Small Business Spotlight: Little Renegades

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Where are my mommas to beautiful biracial babies (you like that alliteration?!)? You are going to LOVE today's Small Business Spotlight, Little Renegades. Other mamas, don't fret, you are going to love this post, too. Little Renegades' mantra is to abandon society's view on how kids should dress. You know what, I think that is pretty bad ass.

Small Business Spotlight: The Little Vinylsaur

By Sarah Adams Permalink

This is a post for the mamas. Not just any mamas. This is a post for my mamas with a sense of humor. I love to laugh. Life is wayyyyyy too short to be serious all the time so I enjoy my tea with a little sarcasm on the side. If you are like me, you will love this post. If you aren't, what is wrong with you? Lighten up! Today's Small Business Spotlight will bring a smile to even the most stern of faces. Time to check out The Little Vinylsaur.

Small Business Spotlight: The Bugaroo Brand

By Sarah Adams Permalink

There is one thing that I love more than showcasing small businesses (and thus, encouraging people to shop small) and that is showcasing small businesses that give back. If you are reading this, you know how important it is to us to give back to our community and causes that are near and dear to our heart. It appears that this week's Small Business Spotlight, The Bugaroo Brand, is our kindred spirit in that sense.

Instagram Flat Lay Tutorial

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I've had a few people ask me how to make flat lays on Instagram so I thought I would throw together a quick flat lay tutorial. Please keep in mind that I am the least tech savvy person I know (except for maybe my father) so bear with me. If I am unclear about a certain step please feel free to ask questions. On the plus side, if I figured out how to make flat lays then you can too!

Small Business Spotlight: Cutie Patudies

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Easter is right around the corner and what is more fun than having awesome holiday tees for your tiny humans to rock and show their holiday spirit? People love a good holiday tee and I am no exception. In fact, we don't even celebrate Easter and I had to scoop up an amazing Easter tee from one of our favorite shops, and this week's Small Business Spotlight, Cutie Patudies.

Small Business Spotlight: Abby Maddy Designs

By Sarah Adams Permalink

What woman doesn't love accessories? I've always been pretty simple in the way I dress and appreciate when I can find understated, simple accessories that don't have logos plastered all over them. This week's Small Business Spotlight, Abby Maddy Designs, delivers just that. If you are looking for affordable, handmade accessories made by a fellow mama, you are going to want to check them out!

Small Business Spotlight: Mama Said Tees

By Sarah Adams Permalink

The past few weeks, our spotlight has focused on shops for the grownups. Today, we get back to our roots with some toddler fashion! As a newer tee shirt shop, there are so many established shops that I look up to. These mamas, and their hardwork, inspire me. One such shop that I aspire to be like is Mama Said Tees.

Small Business Spotlight: Amy Cornwell

By Sarah Adams Permalink

I am not a jewelry person. At all. In fact, the only jewelry I ever wear is my wedding band and that only happens when I leave the house. However, I have always wanted a small trinket to honor Brady. I have scoured Etsy countless times trying to find something that fit my style and always ended up disappointed. That is, until I stumbled upon AmyCornwell.com and saw this gorgeous stackable ring set. This set is exactly what I was looking for. My birthday just passed so I figured this would be the perfect birthday gift. I ordered the set with the silver and rose bands blank and the gold band stamped with Brady's name.

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