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Well Versed Kids: January Book Releases

By Sarah Adams Permalink

At Well Versed Kids we strive to highlight the best diverse and inclusive books for children. Black, Latinx, and Native authors combined wrote just 7% of Children's books in 2018. That's why it's important to not only support books that feature diverse characters, but are authored by authentic voices as well. These are the January new releases we're most excited about.

2020 Reading Challenge: Who is Joining Me?

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2020 is going to be the year of books for me. I LOVE to read. It's my only hobby, really. And this year my goal is to read at least 52 books in 52 weeks. To hold myself accountable, I will be posting what I read each week with a review of the book(s) I finished. I'd love some reading partners! You don't have to have the same goal as me, any goal will do! So who is joining me?! We have a group on Facebook called Wire and Honey Book Club where we share recommendations. Join us there or comment along on our main FB page.

Happy Impeachment Gift Guide

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Christmas has come twice this year! While it's pretty safe to say that it won't get past the senate, Trump's impeachment is still a moment in history worth celebrating. Here are some of our favorite gifts to buy for a friend or to treat yourself during this joyous occasion.

Friday Favorites: Avenue261

By Sarah Adams Permalink

Happy Friday, friends! It can be so hard to navigate the small shop world when you want to be conscientious about where you spend your money. So, I decided to start a fun weekly post to share my favorite small businesses with you. All of the businesses we will share in this series will be shops that are socially conscious and fucking amazing. Our first feature shop is no exception! Avenue261 is a brand that believes that ALL women have a voice. Their stories deserve to be heard. They believe that, together, women can do anything. Everyday women are changing the world with their voice, their resilience, and their convictions. They are dedicated to helping these women be heard. And how do they do it? Through the most GORGEOUS vegan leather earrings. Those who know me know I almost never wear jewelry, but I have a drawer full of Avenue261 because they are my go-to for a night out. I know you will love them just as much as I do! So I am going to let Nicke tell you more!

Am I Doing Enough?

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When your child is born, something just kind of snaps in your brain. All of a sudden you operate on a kind of loop--you constantly wonder if they've eaten enough, if their size is "normal," if they're happy or sad or in need of anything. If my relationship with my mother is any guideline, I'm keen to say that loop doesn't stop once your child enters adulthood. Most of what I remember from Kerrigan's newborn days is logging what side she nursed on or when she had a wet diaper. That loop is only exacerbated when you toss a disability diagnosis into the mix.

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